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All about the Zoom

In Geneva, hoards of young scientific minds crowd around the Large Hadron Collider, a 27-kilometer ring of superconducting magnets—all in search of a thing that should exist but no one has yet to see. Over in Hofu, Japan the Millennials are having way more fun. They’ve created a car for a segment no one thought should exist (the “crossover”) but that everyone will soon be fortunate enough to see—the Mazda CX-3. Dark matter it ain’t but, oh my, look what the geniuses of Zoom Zoom exhilaration hath discovered—a supremely terrific car with hatchback versatility, raised ride height visibility, strong fuel economy (29-31 MPG combined), advanced technology, and competitive pricing. Read More…

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How to decipher a VIN and why you should

The handiest way to think of a Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN) is that it’s a lot like a social security number for your car. Which is to say it can be used to learn a lot about your specific vehicle, including its history and, in some cases, its real identity. Read More…

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Friday, February 5, 2016 11:08 am

3 Things to Look for When You Test Drive a Car

The superfast way to make a decision

What to look for in a test drive depends a lot on the type of car you’re inspecting. Naturally, a used car is going to require a bit more scrutiny for wear and tear than a new one, but in either case the things to look for break down into three general categories: Read More…

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Five Facts About the Gas You Put In Your Car

Premium Shmemium
If your car doesn’t specifically call for premium gas, don’t waste your money. Despite, advertising to the contrary, that extra 15 to 30 cents a gallon won’t get you any better performance or mileage nor will it make your car run any cleaner. Read More…

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